Wowed by Womb Service

Here are some kind words that have been said about my services.   Please view additional reviews on Yelp or contact me if you would like direct access to client references.
“Nova was our partum doula 3 weeks after we came home from the hospital. My husband needed to go out of town on business. I was very nervous being alone with my newborn son and being a FTM. Nova took all the worry away!  She stayed with me for 3 days and was my right hand person. I never had to ask her to help me. She was always 10 steps ahead of me thinking about what I might need. As a new mom, I sometimes didn’t know what I needed, but she did.   Her professionalism and knowledge of post natal care is second to none.
We utilized Nova on several occasions in similar situations and finally to take a trip back east to see my family. I can’t express how deeply I appreciate everything which she did for myself and my son on this trip, from carrying many bags through the airport, to helping me breastfed on the plane. She was amazing, not to mention her photography. She documented our trip from start to finish and always with the professionalism she exhibited while in our home.
Nova has a deep caring for others and the child’s wellbeing. She made my homecoming experience amazing and we are so fortunate to have had her in our lives.
We highly recommend Nova for  post partum doula services and photography. She is the entire package!”
~ Elizabeth M.
“Thank goodness my husband and I found Nova!
My husband had to go back to work one week after the birth of our first son, which left me alone at home with a newborn. I was struggling with breastfeeding and a low milk supply, and couldn’t even get the simplest of tasks done around the house. I mean, really, how do you make a sandwich or do the dishes when you have this tiny little person that needs you every moment of the day?
Enter Nova! She helped me with each of my needs.
Nova was referred to me through my birth doula, and she came to my home about three times a week, starting when my son was 3 weeks old. She stayed to work with me and my baby for about 3 months. With her support, I went from a mom needing to supplement with formula, to an exclusively breastfeeding mom.  I also learned the motherly art of multi-tasking with a newborn. I truly could not have done it without her!
I grew a lot as a new mom while Nova was with me. This is due to Nova’s calm and caring demeanor, excellent knowledge and experience, and her very special way with new mommas and babies. I could relax and just enjoy my baby while she was there to support us. I feel having Nova as my post-partum doula was a gift not only to myself, but to my son and family as well.”
~ Toni T.
“We were extremely fortunate to have Nova care for our baby boy during a difficult and medically serious time in his newborn period. We cared for our newborn ourselves full time until it became clear to us that it was in the baby’s best interest to have refreshed parents rather than chronically exhausted ones. That is when Nova came into our lives and we learned to trust her so we could peacefully have her take care of the baby and mother.
Although she appears surprisingly young, she is extremely capable, gentle, honest, and genuinely caring for the baby, mother, and family. Nova often surprised me with her thoughtfullness and her energy in restoring the home to a more organized and peaceful state. Her gentle nature is ideal for such a responsible, nurturing and supportive role with the baby, mother, and home.
We give our whole hearted recommendation to Nova as a person to whom you can safely trust the most precious person in your life, your child. We have worked with other doulas and Nova ranks among the All Stars in her field.”
~ Padma N.
“We met Nova with Womb service as a referral of a co-worker. We had premature twins and decided we needed help since they were premature by 3 months and needed extra support after they came home. My wife especially who went through so much start to finish. Nova was wonderful and caring. She always went the extra mile by doing little extra things around the house. She also was caring enough to check in with us when she wasn’t working to see how we were doing and also inform us of events related to birth and our children. We highly recommend her anyone needed a doula or birth services!”
~ Jason D.
“As a postpartum doula, Nova was a lifesaver in those first few weeks after my son was born. It was great to be able to have some sleep knowing that he was well taken care of. Nova is expert at tending to baby’s needs before they start to cry, I never heard a peep from him while she was there. She also offered great support and advice for me as a new mom. I would not hesitate to recommend Nova to any family.”
~ Amy B.
“Hi – Nova worked with our family for several months and we had a great experience. We highly recommend her. To prevent another episode of postpartum depression, my doctors ordered that I not get up at night with our second son. Nova would come at 10pm and leave at 6:30am. Nova was always on time, if not early, and ready to help us in anyway that she could. Even when we could not think of something for her to do (in addition to getting the baby in the middle of the night), she would do helpful things like wipe down our counters, organize all of our bottle parts, make bottles for the next day, fold our laundry, make us coffee for the morning….she was awesome. We never heard the baby cry and he loved her. I would feel totally at ease recommending her to anybody.”
~ Anita H.
“Thank you for your hearts, support, knowledge and putting yourselves out there to help people like Andi and I.  I’m finally able to share my experiences from the birth
~ Nathan S.
“Nova was one of our birth Doulas for the birth of our son. I always knew that I had wanted a Doula for my birth, it just made sense. I can’t speak enough about how amazing Nova was. She has the most calming presence and just knows what to say and do. Birth is a journey and you want people who will support, validate, and listen to you. Nova did all of that and so much more. Nova encouraged me to get up move around, dance with my partner, use a birthing ball, and she provided massage during my contractions as well as aromatherapy. I distinctly remember Nova telling me when I was pushing my son out, to feel his head. That was such an incredible experience to feel his hair and his head and to know that in a few more moments I would be bringing my son into this world. When my son came out it took the Doctors a little while to get him up and alert. Nova encouraged my partner and I to talk to him as the Doctors were working on him. She helped to keep me calm and present. When they brought him over to me it was love at first sight. Nova helped and encouraged me to breastfeed and I was very fortunate to have her support.
Nova also took some amazing labor pictures both before and after my son’s birth. You don’t realize how special those are until 5 months have gone by and you start to forget what that experience was like. Well we have those pictures to remind us of that amazing journey. i have his first moments of when his life began here with us. I can never repay Nova for being such a vital and amazing part of bringing our son into this world.
If you are thinking about having a Birth Doula present for your child’s birth look no further, Nova is the one!”
~ Alicia F.
“Nova attended both of our births, our first at the hospital and our second at home. Both times, we needed her to come in the middle of the night and to be on call for several hours of labor (the first was 23 hours and the second was 18). Both times she arrived promptly and well-prepared. The first time she helped us navigate the hospital system and reminded us of our birth plan and options…she helped us to avoid unnecessary interventions in our time of less than clear thinking. Birthing at home was a very different experience for the second, and she provided relaxing massage, prepared labor snacks and drinks, and set up aromatherapy when the labor nausea hit. She never let me believe I couldn’t make it through the long, tough labor. When we needed to rush to the hospital after the baby was born due to placenta complications, she ran out to the nearest cross streets to guide the ambulance in, and rode in the ambulance with baby and I and advocated for our needs while Daddy followed in the car with the carseat and clothes. She was nurturing, flexible, and went above and beyond both times she worked for us. We love Nova….she has also done some birth photography for us that is simply stunning, and provided us with some postpartum doula time after our second was born. She brought some hot soup and picked up the house a bit 2 weeks post-partum when I ended up with bronchitis and my husband had to work. I highly recommend Nova for any of your pregnancy and birth needs. You will always get what you pay for and more. We don’t know what we would have done without her… we initially received her services as a baby shower gift that we didn’t think we needed, boy were we wrong!”
~ Natasha D.
“Nova,  I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for your efforts with Cortney, Daniel and Chase.  As a skeptical New Yorker, when Cortney first told me about her birthing coach, I had more questions than answers.  Having spent the last week with in San Diego with my family and having met you I believe your calm demeanor, knowledge and caring helped Cort and Dan navigate the medical maze and child birth with ease.  More importantly, it gave them the tools to begin nurturing and raising Chase in a loving and caring family.  Cortney has never looked more relaxed and content and for that I am eternally grateful”
~Best, Mark Waldorf
“Having met Nova many times before going in to labor made me feel both comfortable and confident when my labor began. Arriving at the hospital and seeing her face was very reassuring… Many times I looked to her for direction and reassurance. She reminded me of the breathing techniques and offered me many additional options… I am very happy to have had this opportunity and would recommend her to all expectant mothers.”
~ Christina A.
“Having a doula was was the best thing we could have done for our new family. We felt comfortable enough, with Nova in our home, to sleep through the night. This is what aided my recovery from an unplanned cesarean section.”
~ Patti S.