You deserve a doula

“The postpartum doula’s basic role is to provide nonintrusive, nonjudgmental support according to the family’s needs and wishes.  She is there to facilitate your time to settle in, relax, and heal, while assuring that the familiar daily underpinnings of your life and household remain anchored as much as possible. She is there to free you up to do nothing but be with your baby and other family members, or to take the baby so that you can sleep, if that’s what’s needed. She is the peace-of-mind factor.

The postpartum doula may provide help with any or all of the following services: Shopping, cooking, emotional and moral support, breastfeeding or bottle-feeding support, massage (for baby and/or Mom), laundry, answering the phone and taking messages, fielding visitors, taking or giving help with baby basics, errands, pet and plant care, help with older siblings, light housekeeping, help with baby so Mom and Dad can have time together to settle into their new roles, and referrals to other sources the mom may need to contact or know about.”

Taken from Sally Placksin’s book Mothering the New Mother.

  • Decreased incidence of Postpartum Mood Disorders
  • More time for bonding with baby and rekindling partner relationships
  • Increased breastfeeding success
  • Increased confidence in parenting skills
  • Encourages appropriate well-baby and mother care

Dads and other partners also benefit from a postpartum doula. Many new partners feel overwhelmed by both the increased financial pressure and the new responsibility to be intimately involved in the care of a newborn. If a partner can’t take time off from work, he/she knows they are leaving mom and baby in good hands. There is also a sense of relief knowing that both parents can get a relatively good night’s sleep, or even sleep through the whole night. This lends itself to both parents bonding with their new baby and helps the couple maintain aspects of pre-baby days.

Please note: I happily support unmarried and/or same sex partners as well.  Adoptive parents can benefit greatly from postpartum doula services.

growning families

While each birth and baby is different, if you are not a first time mom you might not be so worried about bringing home a new baby. Seasoned veterans can benefit from the comfort and regular sleep schedule a postpartum doula can offer. Second and third-time parents can take advantage of quality bonding time with their newborn and an easier recovery from delivery. I can help ease the transition for your older children, allowing you to spend quality time with each child and helping you let go of the stress or even guilt of learning to juggle this new family dynamic.

  • Education on infant care skills
  • Encourages family bonding
  • Breastfeeding support/bottle-feeding support
  • Offer a listening, non-judgmental
  • Educational support and resources including lending library
  • Spend time with the baby so family will have time to rest
  • Baby’s laundry
  • Light housekeeping
  • Run errands and shop for groceries
  • Assist in nursery organization/ set-up
  • Sibling adjustment and care
  • Prepare nutritious meals/ snacks
  • Helping the mother get some much needed rest to speed recovery
  • Being your supportive shadow while you become more comfortable and confident in handling your newborn

service Packages

Virtual Doula Services

Virtual doula services can help support, encourage and guide you and your partner! Whether you don’t have access to birth doulas in your area or you and your partner want your birth to be intimate and limit the number of people in attendance, our virtual birth doula services can help support, encourage and guide you and your partner! Womb Service can help educate you on your choices and also help guide you during your labor and birth and the first months of your postpartum recovery.

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$50/ hr

Every Step of the Way

4 hour minimum per day

8 hour minimum per night

Available 7 days a week

Shifts of up to 12 hours

Gift certificates are available

Insurance reimbursement

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Virtual Doula Services

 a la carte options

If you would rather have a doula that you can call on for reference and to ask specific questions you can opt for our A La Carte Virtual Doula Services. These particular calls are scheduled and the topics that you would like to discuss should be provided before hand so that we make sure we have all of the necessary information to answer your questions thoroughly.

Sample Topics :

Guidance with creating a birth plan

Labor options

Creating your birth environment

Strategies for induction

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You deserve a doula!

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